Here’s How Drinking Green Tea Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals


Did you know that tea is the 2nd most consumed beverage in the planet? And green tea is among the most advisable tea types you should drink. This is because of the fact that green tea comes with different substances, including antioxidants that are health beneficial. This drink even has nutrients that are great in achieving your fitness goals.

Green tea is less processed, and is high in polyphenols or catechins, making it an ideal choice for health enthusiasts. This substance is also the reason why green tea is typically related as a great drink in achieving your weight goals. This beverage can boost your body’s ability to eradicate calories and stop accumulation of body fat. Catechins are also a perfect source of caffeine that helps in burning fats. In reality, based on the Office of Dietary Supplements, our body is burning nine calories in every 100 milligrams of caffeine we drink. Another reason why this tea aids in weight loss is that caffeine improves fat oxidation by acting as a diuretic and then via sympathetic activation of the body’s central nervous system.

How to properly brew tea:

If you are interested to start drinking tea, you might also be interested to know how to brew it. The best way you can brew a tea is by using fresh leaves. You can start by pouring hot water over the tealeaves for you to extract their essence. When you are done, let the tea steep for four to five minutes.

Read on to further understand how green tea can let you shed pounds easily:

It can help your body burn calories at all times

Regardless of whether you are just chilling on a couch or lying down, the body consistently burns calories. This is due to the fact that the cells in the body contain billions of functions, and it requires energy to complete these functions. There are also researches that show how green tea can improve your metabolism.

It lets your body to burn more fats when working out

Green tea can do more than just to keep you warm in cold winter nights. It can also improve your body’s ability to burn fats, especially when working out. According to a research, men who took green tea and then worked out burned over 17% fat as compared to people who did not drink it. Another study also claimed that green tea can increase body’s ability to burn fat when working out and even while the body is resting.

It works best when you drink it post workout

In a study conducted by Brazilian scientists, they discovered that participants who drank 3 cups of green tea in each day for 1 week had acquired fewer markers of the cell damage due to resistance of exercise. Therefore, this shows that green tea can aid you recover faster once you are done with an intense workout. This is why it is best to make it a habit to take green tea after going to the gym.

It mobilizes fat from fat cells

In order for your body to effectively lose pounds, the fat must 1st be broken down in the fat cell before they start moving into the bloodstream. With the help of active properties available in green tea, the body is able to improve the effects of several fat burning hormones. Moreover, green tea has an antioxidant known as EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate, which can inhibit enzyme that breaks down the hormone known as the norepinephrine. This also boosts norepinephrine – a hormone that is utilized by the nervous system as a signal to the fat cells in order for it to break down fat. This causes for the fat cell to break down more fat.




Home Remedies: Top Unique Uses of Tea at Home


You have probably heard how tea can aid you in losing weight or boosting your mood. While these health benefits are awesome, there are more ways one can use tea at home. Here are several tips on how you can use this healthy drink as a home remedy:

Use tea for cleaning wood and furniture

If common home cleaners are not enough to make some wood furniture and floors look as good as new, consider using freshly brewed tea. You just need to boil about two to three tea bags in a liter of water and then allow it cool. Once you are done, dip a cloth in the mixture, remove excess liquid, and begin wiping away dirt or smudges on the floors and furniture.

Use tea to tenderize meat

Need to tenderize tough meat cuts? Why not try marinating them in black tea? Aside from making it easier to eat, it could bring out unique flavor on the dish you will be making. To marinate the tough meat cuts, place three to four tablespoons of tea leaves in 1 pot of warm water and then let it steep for about five minutes. Once you are done, add in ½ cup of brown sugar. Season the meat as you would normally do and then begin pouring the liquid over it. Lastly, cook it in a preheated oven for about ninety minutes.

Use tea as a mouthwash

Need a mouthwash that can ease toothache and freshen breathe? Try rinsing with a cup peppermint tea. To do this, boil a tablespoon of fresh peppermint leaves tea in a cup of distilled or filtered water and then steep it for a few minutes. Add a pinch of salt to the tea, and start rinsing your mouth with it. With this mouthwash, you are confident that you’re only using healthy ingredients since you have prepared it yourself. Peppermint tea is antiseptic, which alleviates pain or sting when you gargle it. It also has menthol – a cleansing agent that kills bacteria. You can even add drops of lemon to freshen your breath or cure halitosis.

Use tea to revitalize tired eyes

Do you wish to revitalize your tired and puffy eyes after a busy day? Just soak 2 used or unused tea bags in warm water and then put them over your closed eyes. You can do this for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Due to the tea’s tannins, it will help reduce puffiness around your eyes in an instant.

Use tea to aid bleeding gums

By regularly taking green tea, you can help promote healthier teeth and gums. You can even use tea to stop the bleeding or soothe a toothache. Just soak one tea bag with cool water and press it directly onto any bleeding gums or aching tooth.

Use tea to aid sunburn or any other minor burns

Who wouldn’t want to spend time relaxing by the beach during summers? If you do, you probably know how bothersome it is to have sunburn. It is irritating, itchy, and looks awful on the skin. So what can you do once you forget to use sunscreen and have to cure painful sunburn? Consider using wet tea bags. Apply the wet tea bags to the affected skin to take out the sting. You can even use this solution to alleviate pain as well as discomfort because of minor burns. If there’s sunburn on your whole back or it is too widespread, you can put tea bags in bathwater and then soak your body in the tub.

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Discover How Dogs Can Benefit from Drinking Rooibos Tea


Many people know how rooibos is a perfect tea option with tons of health benefits. But only several people know that your furry loved ones can also enjoy it too. You can add rooibos tea to your dog’s food by adding it into food recipes or placing it on dog food topically.

Understanding what rooibos tea is

Rooibos tea is also known as Aspalathus linearis or African Red Bush. It is an indigenous plant that originated from South Africa. It has been used in South Africa for many years. The tea has become so popular that recently it became known to other parts of the planet like North America. Aside from its delicious taste, rooibos wins over other teas when it comes to deterring diseases and improving heart condition. In truth, according to professionals, this tea can compete with green tea and black tea as 1 of the most favorite teas in the world.

Ways Rooibos Tea Can Help in Improving The Health Of Your Dogs

Aside from the mentioned benefits it offers, rooibos tea is starting to be more and more popular because of its ability to help dogs become healthier. It has been popular to be an effective choice in aiding dogs with allergies or hot spots. This tea is also great in helping cure digestive issues as well as stress. In truth, there are holistic veterinarians who recommend this tea as a safe alternative to allopathic cortisone. So if you wish to start using holistic approach to keep your dogs out of illnesses, rooibos tea is an ideal choice. You can even rely on it to help you cure dogs’ skin or bone problems and boost their heart and renal systems.

Here are other benefits of Rooibos tea:

It can relieve stress

It is naturally relaxing

It is anti-spasmodic

It can soothe an upset stomach

It is rich in minerals

It is anti-inflammatory

It is anti-viral

How to Add Tea To Your Dog’s Diet

Since you are a pet parent, it is understandable that you don’t want to give unsafe products that could harm your dog’s health. That is why it is vital to ask a veterinarian first if including rooibos tea to your dog’s diet is okay. Once your vet agrees with this plan, you can add the tea in the dog’s meals. Begin by brewing the tea, and then allow it cool down before you serve it to your dog. If you wish to make the cooling process a lot faster, you can place the brewed tea in a refrigerator for a couple of hours. Some pet owners also use rooibos tea as an oral rinse for their pets. Just add 1 cinnamon stick to the rooibos tea and then put it in a separate bowl next to your pet’s water bowl. Another way to do it is by adding the tea to your dog’s food such as stews or cooked veggies.

How Rooibos Tea Can Help Dogs Avoid Yeast Infection

If a dog’s paws need to be soaked to deter yeast infections, consider using rooibos tea. Treat your pet to a paw spa by soaking its paws in rooibos tea to relieve any germs or discomfort. This paw spa can treat paw symptoms and eliminate harmful toxins left in your pet’s paws after walking outdoors.

There are many growing evidences that show how Rooibos tea can decrease dog illnesses. From tumors, heart disease, to cancer, rooibos tea can be of great help. If you want to make sure you are only getting top quality red tea, browse through Tealy’s website now.




Top Proven Health Benefits of Drinking Rooibos Tea


We all know that tea has a lot of health benefits. 1 particular type of it that outstands among the rest is rooibos tea. This is because its health benefits ranges from helping you shed a few pounds to preventing cancer risks.

Rooibos tea came from South Africa. According to specialists, it is so popular that it can challenge with green tea or black tea as 1 of the most favorite teas in the planet. It also trumps other types of teas in terms of fighting diseases as wellas improving skin and heart condition.

Read the articles to find out other reasons why this tea is a favored drink by many:

  1. It can improve your heart health

Rooibos is good for the heart. It has chrysoeriol – a flavonoid that can reduce blood pressure as well as improve blood circulation. Chrysoeriol can even decrease your body’s bad cholesterol levels. In a research conducted by the Department of Anatomy and Histology in Daegu Haany University’s College of Korean Medicine, rooibos tea was able to regulate the hormones secreted from the adrenal gland, which leads to to decreasing the occurrence of hypertension.

  1. It has higher amount of antioxidants than green tea

According to WebMD, rooibos tea has fifty percent more antioxidants than green tea. This is a large factor among health fanatics since antioxidants thwart the body’s free radicals that can cause cancer as well as damage cells. Plus, rooibos has anti-inflammatory properties that can protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. The most common cause of disease is inflammation so drinking rooibos tea can help you avoid and get rid of possible illnesses.

  1. It is perfect for people with diabetes

Those with diabetes know how important it is to maintain a healthy heart. This is because 1 particular difficulty of diabetes is atherosclerosis or the inflammation and hardening of the arteries because of high glucose levels. Good thing rooibos tea is rich in aspalathin as well as nothofagin – these properties are known for treating possible problems from diabetes relating to the heart. They protect the heart from not having enough blood supply.

  1. It can prevent cancer

Rooibos tea has quercetin – it is a plant pigment that has been used in supplement form in order to cure cancer. It can avoid the processes involved in cell mutation as well as suppresses malignant tumor growth. Moreover, rooibos help our immune system to produce antibodies to remove risks of allergic reactions and AIDS.

  1. It can treat allergies

Another reason why quercetin is vital is that it can help the immune system to fight cancer as well as treat allergies. It can block mast cells or the immune cells that cuase allergic reactions.

  1. It has no caffeine

If you like taking a warm cup of tea prior to going to bed, then rooibos is a good choice. This tea tea is totally caffeine-free, making it ideal for patients suffering from insomnia. By removing caffeine in your diet, you will have improved stress levels, positive mood, and better heart health. This tea gives you the energy boost you require without being dangerously addicted to caffeine substance.

  1. It can advance the look of hair as well as skin

Rooibos tea is beneficial for skin and hair. It contains alpha hydroxy acid, which is the best substance to consume if you need to improve your hair as well as make your skin look younger. This substance even contains a significant effect on wrinkle reduction and even protects hair follicles from damage.





Ways to Match Your Favorite Food with Your Favorite Tea


Similar to in wine and food pairing, there are also tips to follow on how you can ensure your tea goes well with your meals. Choosing the right tea can make or break the meal as it can turn a typical tasting food into a unique dining experience. What’s more is that you do not have to be a professional to know which tea and food go well for you and your guests’ taste buds.

Because there are a lot of tea flavors and food to choose from, some may still find it a bit overwhelming to pair these culinary choices. Good thing, we have compiled some suggestions to serve as general guidelines when you make meals today.

Pairing tea with food – the basics

Food as well as tea pairing’s goal is to improve your dining experience. You know you made the right mixture when the tea’s flavor matches or accentuates the food you arranged. If you prefer a recipe that has robust flavor, you might want to go for a more robust tea flavor. Here a list of some of the most prevalent teas and some guides on which food goes best for them.

White tea

White tea is popular for having a subtle and silky flavor, making it ideal if you pair this tea with strong foods. This way the white tea’s natural sweet taste will not be overawed by the food’s aroma. This type of tea is also the finest one, so it is advisable to pair it with lightly flavored dishes such as vegetable salads minus any strong dressing. You can even pair this tea with lightly flavored dishes or fresh fruits.

Genmaicha tea

Unlike white tea, genmaicha tea has a delicate yet vegetative flavor. That’s why this tea goes well with mild flavored dishes such as fish, seafood, or chicken. Another option is to pair it with salads or fresh fruits. In countries like China or Japan, they also pair green tea with rice. Smoky teas such as genmaicha tea tend to have stronger aromas and are served well with pan-fried chicken and turkey. This is due to the fact that they get rid of the greasy feel of fried meat.

Here are other food choices that works well with green tea:

Unsweetened pastries

Baked meat-based dishes

Whole wheat breads



Fruit salads

Oolong tea

Oolong teas are recognized for having a more compound aroma so they are best served with a larger range of meals. You can have lighter fish dishes or grilled meats, and this tea will still balance the food’s tastes. There are two classes for oolong teas – the light teas as well as dark teas. Therefore, when pairing it with dishes, consider checking if what you are having is a light oolong tea or dark oolong tea. The light teas are ideal for sweet seafood dishes. Another choice is to try pairing it with salted snacks or biscuits. One the other hand, dark oolongs go for stronger foods like grilled meats. Pastries as well as pancakes also work well for this type of tea.

Black tea

Black tea has a strong flavor so it is advisable to serve it with full-flavored dishes like spicy dishes. You can also try pairing it with pastries as well as sweet desserts. Smoky black teas from China pair the flavor of dark meat and sweet chocolates, while earthy black teas are perfect additions for jerk chicken or mashed potatoes.

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Important Tips: Ways To Make Homemade Fruit Teas


If you do not like buying expensive fruit tea blends at any local store, maybe it’s time to make your own tea blends at the comfort of your own home. Based on the ingredients you will need, the process may vary from easy to a bit complex. What’s more is that you can modify the ingredients to suit your own preference or health requirements. In this article, we have compiled a few homemade fruit tea for your gift giving needs or to stock up your cupboard.

Let’s begin by identifying the recipes you can use for your recipes:

The Tea Plant

From black tea, green tea, rooibos tea, to white tea, all of these come from the same plant called the Camellia sinensis. It is managed differently to get the diverse taste and types of the drink. The type could also be associated according to the location where the plant has been grown and when they were collected. It all plays a role in their quality as well as taste.

There is no doubt that tea is one of the most popular beverages in the planet. From the process of harvesting to making the tea itself has evolved over the years. In addition to being an amazing thirst quencher on a summer day, tea has many health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants like catechins, making it a perfect drink for health fanatics. There are also researches that show that this drink can improve metabolic processes to support weight loss, decrease cancer risks, and even improve heart health. Here is a list of popular fruit blend tea you might want to try:

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea came from a plant grown in South Africa. This tea is aromatic, sweet, and most important all caffeine free. It has fifty times more antioxidants than green tea. These antioxidants are popular in its ability to prevent free radicals from damaging cells as well as causing cancer. Red tea has low tannins, rich in Vitamin C, and can cure digestive problems.

Green Tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and nutrients, that’s why it is one of the healthiest drinks on earth. It also brings positive effect on the body like weight loss,

Improved brain function, lower risks of cancer and more incredible benefits. Another powerful compounds available in green tea are the Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), an antioxidant which has been known to cure different diseases. EGCG is also a part of the reasons why green tea has dominant medicinal properties.

White Tea

The health benefits of this tea also include reduced cancer risks, reduced cardiovascular disorder, and improved oral health. Since it also contains antioxidant as well as anti-aging properties, drinking white tea helps in maintaining good health and healthy skin.

Here are several recipes you can use to create homemade teas:

Iced Tea Vodka

2 tablespoons organic sugar

1 mason jar

1 strainer

1 cup organic of vodka

2 bags of any tea types you prefer

Mix the vodka, tea, and sugar in a mason jar. Once done, mix up to dissolve the sugar. Steep the mixture for about four hours. And then, strain into a mason jar and serve.

Coconut Chai Spritzer

1 cup of mineral water

3 -4 drops of Stevia

1 cup of Coconut Chia Tea

Pour a tea into a mason jar and then add in the water. Next, add stevia to taste. Pour over some ice and then serve to enjoy.

Red Chai Tea

1 Tablespoon whole cloves

1 teaspoon black peppercorns

¼ cup loose Rooibos tea

1 Tablespoon cardamom seeds

1 Tablespoon fennel seed

2 cinnamon sticks

3 whole star anise

6 cups filtered water

1-inch piece fresh ginger, sliced

Almond milk

Soymilk or coconut milk to taste

Honey or sugar (optional)

Combine cardamom, peppercorns, cinnamon sticks, fennel, and cloves in a large saucepan. Heat the pan over medium-low or until spices are toasted. Add

ginger and about six cups water to stockpot. Boil and then add red tea. Once boiling, turn off the heat, and let the tea steep for about five to 7 minutes. Pour the tea into mugs and serve.




Top Reasons to Start Drinking Fruit Blend Tea


Do you need an invigorating drink that is will help you feel relaxed after a tiring day? Then make sure you try fruit blend teas. This thirst-quencher has a number of powerful and exceptional benefits, making it popular choice among health enthusiasts. Need more convincing? Here are a few other reasons why fruit blend tea is in high demand recently:

It’s a good substitute for sugary drinks: Instead of picking up a sugary fruit drink on a hot summer day or having a processed juice after training or workout, why not drink a cup of fruit blend tea? This drink has comparable taste as sugary and processed drinks. The only difference is that it only has a fraction of sugar content and comes with almost no calories. This is why whether you are just starting to enjoy a better lifestyle or on a strict diet, you will never go wrong with taking fruit blend tea.

It is high in Vitamin C: Vitamin C ascorbic is a vital vitamin or antioxidant that is obtainable in a lot of fresh fruits as well as vegetables. Most fruit teas have high levels of Vitamin C. That’s why drinking it has many benefits such as improving your immune system.

It has no caffeine: If you need to drink something warm as well as calming before hitting the sack, fruit tea is a perfect option. Unlike coffee or other sugary drinks, this one doesn’t contain caffeine so you will not have trouble sleeping even if you take it an hour before you sleep. In truth, those with insomnia are advised to drink it since the soothing aroma of it can make resting a lot easier.

It has a unique taste: Fruit tea blends do not have a strong flavor, making it a good option for those who are just beginning to drink tea. In truth, a lot of people would choose weakly-flavored drinks over the strong-flavored ones. Even children will not have a hard time drinking fruit tea blends.

It can boost your energy level: If you enjoy outdoor activities or a regular workout, you will probably be happy to know that taking fruit tea can bring a big energy boost. Unlike other processed drinks, fruit teas give you a clean and natural energy boost without improving your appetite or adding a few pounds to your weight. The energy boost you will get is just enough to get you through a tiring day.

Due to these factors, fruit blend teas have started to become a favorite drink for all ages. This tea is chiefly made out of dried fruits, and can often be compared to juice. Fruit teas have tons of different flavors so you will not have a hard time finding the one that best fit your taste. Flavors like blackcurrant, cherry, apple, and peach are available in the market for you to enjoy.

What’s more is that it’s also a lot easy to make a fruit blend tea right the comfort of your own house. Just brew a cup of your favored tea and then add about a ¼ cup of juice to it. Once completed, leave the mixture in the refrigerator for about 4 to 5 hours or overnight.

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Top Reasons Why Tea is Better Than Coffee


Tea and coffee are both ideal for your health because of their high amount of antioxidants, gradually releasing caffeine, and soothing properties. However, tea outplays coffee in more causes than one. Whether you favor red or black tea, it has profits that can improve your lifestyle, focus, and general heath.

Read on for more information about tea benefits.

It comes with disease-fighting flavonoids

For a lot of good reasons, tea is 1 of the most consumed beverages in the world. According to specialists, tea provides as many disease-fighting flavonoids such as fruits and vegetables. Unlike in Western countries, the globe’s big tea drinkers like Japan or China have less cancer cases and heart disease.

It comes with antioxidants

Over the years, oxidants or free radicals can cause injury to your cells or cause diseases. But with antioxidants, you can prevent these damages or diseases from occurring to your body. Antioxidants are chemicals from plant foods. It defends healthy tissues from oxidants or free radicals. Aside from antioxidants, tea also has possible cancer-fighting properties. As per the National Cancer Institute, tea comes with antioxidants or polyphenol that could help in cancer deterrence. While not enough has been studied to decide whether tea does in fact decrease the risk of cancer, tea has often been measured a therapeutic or medicinal drink that has both calming and invigorating qualities.

It can lower Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases

There are many laboratory studies that show how using tea on animal and human cells show promising results. The results indicate that tea reduces cholesterol levels, lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, and helps prevent blood clotting. It can even fight cancer, inflammation, and seasonal allergies. To be more specific black tea can lower risk for ovarian cancer, while green tea may reduce breast cancer and heart disease risks.

Which type of tea should you drink?

There are many types of teas in the market and it can be complicated to find the best products that will best profit your health. Herbal teas are made with flowers, herbs, roots, or spices. They have neither tea flavonoids nor tealeaves. These drinks are made from the mixture of plant materials in hot water. They also do not typically contain caffeine. Here are some other types of teas you might want to check out:

Ginger tea – this tea is both an energizer and a stimulator. Drinking it can improve and soothe your digestive system. For many years, a lot of people have been taking it help people who are feeling nausea. Furthermore, since ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, people with arthritis are also directed to drink ginger tea.

Peppermint Tea – peppermint tea is ideal if you need a soothing drink due to its comforting aroma. It helps those people who drink it to digest food better and reduce digestive issues. People who have IBS or irritable bowel syndrome or gallstones are advised to drink it. It can also ease vomiting, nausea, and lessen motion sickness. Moreover, peppermint tea aids in toning down the severity of outbreaks of herpes and cures bad breath.

Chamomile Tea – this type of tea is a recommended choice and is popular around the world. It soothes the stomach and alleviates indigestion as well as bloating. It is usually advised to those who need focus and deal better with their stresses. Those who suffer from insomnia or find it hard to sleep can have a cup of this tea even an hour going to bed. This is due to the fact that chamomile can ease the body as well as the mind, allowing you to fall asleep easily.

Lavender Tea – this tea is made out of the dried flowers that grow on lavender shrubs. For years and years, lavender has been popular for its medicinal uses. 1 cup of this tea can calm the mind as well as body, and can induce you to sleep. It can even sooth flatulence, bowel infections, or upset stomach.




Find Out How Drinking Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight


Next to water, tea is the 2nd most consumed beverage in the planet. And 1 of the most advisable teas in the world is green tea. This is due to the fact that green tea has tons of different substances like antioxidants that are health beneficial. It also has nutrients that are effectual in melting away extra pounds.

Unlike any other beverages, green tea is not only less processed but is high in polyphenols or catechins. This compound is also the reason why this tea is commonly related as an ideal drink in getting rid of extra pounds. It can increase your body’s ability to eliminate calories and stop accumulation of body fat. Catechins are also an ideal source of caffeine that helps in burning as well as and fats. In truth, according to the Office of Dietary Supplements, the body is burning 9 calories for every 100 milligrams of caffeine a person drinks. Another reason why this tea helps in weight loss is that caffeine boost fat oxidation by acting as a diuretic and then through sympathetic activation of the body’s central nervous system.

Allow us help you further know how green tea can let you shed pounds easily:

Green tea can help your body burn calories at all times

Regardless of whether you are just resting on a couch or lying down, the body constantly burns calories. This is because the cells in the body contain billions of functions, and it requires energy to complete these functions. There are also researches that show how green tea can improve your metabolism.

Green tea lets your body to burn more fats when working out

Green tea can do more than just to keep you warm in cold winter nights. It can also improve your body’s ability to burn fats, especially when working out. According to a research, men who took green tea and then worked out burned over 17% fat as compared to people who did not drink it. Another study also claimed that green tea can increase body’s ability to burn fat when working out and even while the body is resting.

Green tea works best when you drink it post workout

According to a study by Brazilian scientists, they found out that participants who drank three cups of green tea per day for 1 week had acquired lesser markers of the cell damage because of resistance to exercise. Therefore, this shows that green tea can aid you recover faster once you are done with an intense workout. This is why it is best to make it a habit to take green tea after going to the gym.

Green tea mobilizes fat from fat cells

For the body to effectively burn fat, the fat must 1st be broken down in the fat cell prior to moving into the bloodstream. With the help of active properties in green tea, the body is able to boost the effects of several fat burning hormones. Moreover, green tea has an antioxidant known as EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate, which can inhibit enzyme that breaks down the hormone known as the norepinephrine. This also boosts norepinephrine – a hormone that is used by the nervous system as a signal to the fat cells in order to break down fat. This leads to fat cell breaking down more fat.

How to properly brew tea:

Now that you understand how green tea works in aiding you lose weight, it’s time to understand how to brew it. The best way to brew a tea is to use fresh leaves. Begin by pouring hot water over the leaves to extract their essence. After this, let the tea steep for four minutes.



Top FAQs when Serving Popcorn in Parties

As most of us know, popcorn is one of the very most favourite treats round the world. While stereotyped as a treat served in cinemas, it has crossed over and is currently served in a variety of occasions. However, plenty of people still don’t learn how to maximize the total potential of popcorn as party food, and this really is something you should find out today.

If it’s your very first time to add popcorn in your menu, then it’s normal that you begin asking questions regarding just how to serve it to your guests. Obviously, you will find misconceptions that need to be broken and from there, you will have a way to savor popcorn not merely as a treat, but in addition as a goody to share with individuals in your event.

On the list of popcorn FAQs you will most likely encounter are:

1. Simply how much popcorn to serve?

Well, in the event that you will think of actual servings, the common number of popcorn to serve to at least one person is one cup. But obviously, since the foodstuff itself is light to the stomach, you are able to expect your guests to obtain additional after the initial serve.

Here’s finished: if you wish to hand out popcorn as a souvenir or takeaway for the guests, then you can certainly follow this serving size. On another hand, if you should be considering simultaneous servings, then anticipate to have a sack or two or uncooked kernels in your cupboards for continuous cooking.

2. In case you make use of a popcorn machine?

The clear answer to the question is relative, nonetheless it is preferred to play one just in case you are intending for really big and continuous servings. The reason being utilizing a machine lets you cook popcorn simultaneously through the entire party. if you should be hosting a large event and are expectant of guests to obtain popcorn every now and then, then it will be great to rent a popcorn making machine and maximize its features.

Employing a machine is often beneficial if you should be hosting a tiny gathering, just which means you won’t come to an end of popcorn snacks.

4. Is popcorn healthy?

In comparison to other snacks such as for instance chips, popcorn is relatively more nutritious. It’s lower calories and fat, and contains complex carbohydrates. They are the reason why popcorn is ideal for folks who are weight-conscious; they cannot perk up your calorie levels unlike other snacks.

Popcorn only rakes up more calories when blended with different varieties of seasonings and flavours, such as for instance butter, salt, cheese, and sugar.

5. The length of time does popcorn stay fresh?

If you’re readying for a popcorn-packed party, then it will be ideal to get the kernels beforehand. Uncooked popcorn remains fresh for up 8 weeks, while cooked popcorn is edible for approximately a couple of weeks especially if it is properly sealed in a storage container.

You can find two places in that you simply cannot store popcorn: places which can be under sunlight, and the refrigerator. Sunlight dries up the water in the kernels, thus they won’t pop when cooked (and they turn out to be spinsters). The exact same effect happens once the kernels have been in winter like the refrigerator, because the water inside them also dries up as a result of extreme cold.

With one of these questions answered, at this point you have a much better turn in deciding not merely on serving popcorn in your upcoming event, but more about how exactly to get ready for it. While you are able to do the preps all on your own, you may even order cooked, pre-packaged popcorn beforehand or rent a popcorn machine from providers such as Scoopys and Cream to generally meet your specific needs, just in case you need extra help.